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Sunday Services:     10:30 am & 6:30 pm  Midweek Meeting:    Thursday 8:00 pm

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Student Work at Holywell

What can a student expect from Holywell Church?

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Student Work at Holywell

If you’re a student you need basically the same things as other Christians do:

1. To be part of a church family, worshipping together,

     hearing and responding to God’s word together.

2. To be a witness wherever God has put you.

3. To be helped to grow as a disciple of Christ.

So we basically treat students the same as other Christians, encouraging and welcoming them into full involvement in church life.

However, Christian students do have some particular needs we cater for:

1) Away from home, it’s good to have mature Christians around who you can get to know and turn to for advice. Also the Sunday Fellowship Lunches are an opportiunitiy to meet others in the church.

2) Being a student has been a life-shaping experience for many.  It's a time of life that has particular discipleship needs.  To help you with this, we'll link you up with another Christian, to give you support and pray for you, if you'd like that.

3) At the university students have a great opportunity to spread the good news about Jesus.  So we encourage involvement in the university Christian Union, try to help the CU, and make sure we don’t take up too much of students’ time – so they’re not taken away from CU activities.

(If you’re Chinese we encourage you to get involved in the Loughborough Chinese Christian Fellowship.)