‘Jesus, the champion who… because of the joy awaiting him… endured the cross’ Hebrews 12:2 (NLT)

The bible says life is like running a race - but only one person has ever run the race perfectly.

Jesus came to earth as a man and ran the race of life. Even though his heart broke - He never stopped. He kept on running. Even when it lead to the cross.

Why? He was running for a prize - for the Joy set before Him.

What prize? Jesus was God - He already had everything! What could He possibly need? What Joy did He not already have in heaven? That He had to come to earth to get? That He could only get by dying on the cross?


You are Jesus’ prize. You are His Joy. You are what He came to win.

from: ‘Thoughts to make your heart sing’

by: Sally Lloyd-Jones

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